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Thread: Your Reaction at a FireAlarm at 4am

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    At 4 am this morning the firealarm started screaming.

    My first reaction was to find a way to turn the fucker off, after about 5 minutes plus some tools i managed to to turn it off. This was based on instinct.
    Only to notice that all the neighbours (In a building with 300 students) alarms where also going off.
    Lookout the window to the front entrance, no firebrigade, no fire on our side.
    Next put clothes on the baby, wife dressing trying to find clothes
    Hear firebrigade driving up.
    Grab phone, wallet, consider laptop, open door to see whats outside, nobody there.look out window students in pyjamas outside
    baby ready, wife ready
    go to stairs, hear voices saying its ok

    go back to room put baby to bed
    go down to find out what happened

    some dudeover fried a pizza
    the building is a grane silo now way this will ever burn down, no wonder they only sent one truck.

    If it is your first instinct to destroy the firealarm noise, shouldn't one question ones priorities.

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    my fire alarm is also more of a "dinner's ready alarm"

    glad you're ok, chick.

    I used to be a flier, now I ramble.
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    Hahhahahhaha you live next door to students hahahahhaha hahaha
    It's hot in Topeka.

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    Once I was having a nap and the smoke detectors went off and it pissed me off so much cause i was having a good sleep so I just jumped up on a bed and rippe d the smoke detector off the ceiling so they all went off.
    Didn't bother to check if there was a fire tho so I know what you mean about priorities.

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    What's with the random pic of a fire?
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    we just had a 2am fire alarm here the other night. a kid burned his popcorn and got everyone out of bed right quick. we weren't too impressed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedler
    What's with the random pic of a fire?
    Yeah, what's that got to do with anything?

    I remember when the car alarm went off at 2 in the morning, my first instinct was "OH FUCK THAT WILL WAKE UP ALL THE NEIGHBOURS"

    So I bounced straight out of bed, unfortunately, all of my limbs hadn't woken up yet, so I crashed into the doorframe and then fell down the stairs.

    Turns out it wasn't even my car alarm that was going off

    Noise shouldn't be allowed at night. Fact.

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    How do you fry a Pizza?

    The boys in my old student halls used to set the fire alarms off just to see the girls in their night attire. I also seem to remember points being scored for getting someone out of the shower.
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