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Thread: Blur And Filesharers

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    Speaking recently to London radio station XFM, lead singer Damon Albarn said that online piracy of 'Think Tank' had made the band's return to the live arena that little bit easier.

    "The gigs are going down really well," he said, "helped by the fact that [the album has] been on the internet for two months and everybody knows all the words to every song, which is weird."
    "I'm rabidly pro the internet and as many people hearing our albums as possible," added drummer Dave Rowntree. "If it hadn't been leaked by someone we probably would've leaked it ourselves."
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    Interesting article about Blur's attitude to their new album being leaked. Shame we don't get much of this with American bands, or we could see some interesting responses to this from the RIAA. Compare this to Madonna's attitude about the leak of her new album.

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    Yes some people foprget about the good things about filesharing RIAA just care about damm money well do they relise that some people like to hear bands songs on the internet a think hey that good ill buy the real thing now

    Some people dont realise that alot of people dont just buy $30 for a CD and without hearing it

    Pop stars are always complaining like Madonna

    BTW how does Blurs album get on the Net before its release??


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