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Thread: Need Help! Download going backwards!

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    I am having problems with a few files on k-lite pro. They get almost completed (99.1-99.3%) then they start to go backwards. It will say 99.3 then 2 min later it will go back down to 98.73. It does this repeatedly on only a few select files. Any way I can avoid these problems altogether or fix it? One of the files already has 1.6 gig downloaded so I would rather not restart it, but I will if I have to. Other downloads work fine. Thank You for your time and effort!

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    I think what happens is, not very many people are sharing that last 2 or 3% of the file you want. And the very few who are sharing it are sending you bad data, which K-Lite ignores. I think the only thing you can do is wait until more users sharing that file come online, or try later.

    It'd suck to restart it...

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    It has about 223 sources. Another thing ive noticed is most of the downloads are downloading from a limewire or k lite client, would it help if I disabled the gnutella 1 + 2 networks and only download from emule/edonkey sources? They seem to be slower with que's up to 3000 people but would this possibly help? Is the emule network more likely to have clean data?


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