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Thread: Has Anyone Heard Of Bittorrent

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    Well, i dont mean this as spam, but it seems pretty cool.

    Theres very little gui, and barely any leachers. seems quick and easy to use. I dont see any spy ware. I dont think there is any spyware.

    cheack it out, and tell me what you think Here

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    check the sub forum on top in here... "Other Related p2p Program discussions" you will see a lot of debates in there... B)

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    Like Jetje said, see the sub-forum for other P2P program discussions. Tell you what, I'll send this there. B)
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    bittorrent is great. especially for new tv shows, dvds, and music.

    speeds vary, and you cant control upload speeds, but other then that, its pretty solid.

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    bit torrent is the best and its getting better and faster all the time


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