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Thread: Bad taste - There's no need to read if you don't want to.

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    Doctor: It's bad news, you have Cancer and Alzheimer's.

    Patient: Oh well, it could be worse - at least I don't have Cancer

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    Two nuns are driving along a country road, when all of a sudden a vampire appears in the middle of the road, causing the nuns to take evasive action, swerving violently. After the car has stopped, the second nun turns round to see who they nearly hit, then quickly turns back to the first nun and says, "Quick, show him your cross!" She duly winds down her window, sticks her head out, and yells, "Oi! Get off the fucking road, you stupid cunt!"

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    Those are great.

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    Man: You know, I can have sex with any woman in this bar.

    Bartender: Oh really? How can you be so confident of that?

    Man: I'm a rapist.

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    Erm... If I laughed at the last one, does it mean I'm a bad person?

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    What did one lesbian frog say to the other lesbian frog?

    "They're right, we DO taste like chicken!"

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    This bloke asked me to take part in a charity run, so I said "piss off, no chance" and he said "Go on mate, it's for blind and spastic kids", and I thought "Fuck it, I could win this."

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    What's brown and runny?

    Linford Christie.

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