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Thread: Recording audio on my PC

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    I have a cassette that I want to record onto my PC. I am doing this with Audition 2.

    When I listen to the cassette on my cassette player, the audio quality is perfect.

    However, when I connect my cassette player to my PC mic socket, I hear a lot of background noise. And the PC audio recording is also rubbish.

    So I just wanted to know, what settings I should change on my PC or Audition 2, so I can get the perfect PC audio recording.


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    you may want to try the "line in" socket on your audio card rather than the mic input. the mic input will add alot of gain to the sound, making it sound bad. also, dont crank up the volume on the cassette player, cuz it will add distortion also. Try using lower volume on the cassette player.
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    Also, try going into the volume control thing, and checking to make sure that the advanced properties of the microphone sound settings DOESN'T have the Mic Boost checked.

    That also adds gain so the mic becomes louder.
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    Audio connectors (one red, one white) will give you a much better sound than a single 3.5mm black lead. If your cassette player has auxilliary out then use that. If necessary use an audio to jack lead. It stops the left and right signals interfering with each other, as they travel down a seperate wire. It'sll also onlycost you a couple of squids.

    If you are simply using the headphone jack to the mic then it's really hard for you to get a decent sound on it.

    Also use Line in, rather than mic, as the guys have suggested.

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