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Thread: Verified Hashes.

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    I started downloading Shallow Hal from verified hashes section and after receiving about 75% checked content with avipreview. So that I could shut down my pc I paused down load. This morning when I switched on my pc all my partly downloaded file had dissappeared and I was back to zero. Has this happened to anyone else? Have I done something wrong? Please Help.

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    I had this, my problem (I think) was I had a virus called "Sobig" its sent on an email from ""

    Run a virus check, if you haven't an upto date scanner go here:-

    And they do a free online scan, if you do have it you need a programme called "FixSoBig" which I got of Kazaa Software search to get rid of it.

    If you havent got it then I have wasted 5 mins here and been of no help at all. Good Luck

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    Thanks for the reply juderobs, but I have Macaffi firewall running and have carried out a complete system scan.Since posting this problem I have redownloaded the file and tried to play it. my nvdia player has caused problems and also power dvd player also. There must be a big problem with this file I think. Can anyone suggest any reason why this happened? particularly as I downloaded it from Verefied Hashes


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