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Thread: Kazaa 3.0 Ain't Connecting

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    I got Kazaa 3.0 And it worked pretty well. But ever since i had a spyware Attack i ran xoftspy spyware remover. But somehow it got rid of kazaa as well as the spyware. Anyway i reinstalled kazaa but now i can't connect. And that peer points manager ain't working either but i don give a damn about that. I got Windows Xp sp 2, Norton Internet Security 2003, Norton Anti Virus 2006 ..................

    Can any one hel plz ........ and i can't get a free version of snode.reg anywhere and i also think that my my firewall settings are ok. So if ajnyone can help u can connect thorught email or chat at

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    here's a free snode.reg for you.
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    Kazaa 3.0 has spyware that is required for the software to run. Removing it makes Kazaa unusable. There are free and clean Kazaa's avaible to download. And you should use that instead cause spyware is NOT good.

    Check here:
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    It doesnt relli matter if thats not connecting there are so many older and better versions on the internet that u can use..i think as mentioned above use kazaalite.

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    i was actually this think what wud u guys do if kazaa was relli over??? If you guys hadnt heard napster is back for free!!


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