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Thread: Quicktime Alternative causing some programs to crash

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    Has anyone noticed that once quicktime alternative is installed (latest version, 1.6.9) a bunch of programs in WIndows XP won't work?
    For me the programs that weren't working are:
    Fireworks 8
    Flash 8
    GTA San Andreas
    Demoshield Player (The autorun for san andreas, this is how i finally realized it was quicktime alternative that was the problem).

    I've uninstalled it and went back to the quicktime codec included in the mega codec pack for now (I have 1.3.6 of that, afraid to update now...).
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    peat moss's Avatar Software Farmer BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Ross I see Quicktime Alternative version 1.7 is out based on QT7 .
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