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Thread: Winodws Live Messenger 8.0 Beta WTF ??

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    Ok guys, i logged out and tryed to log back in it would`nt let me sign up bc i had to update the new MSN so i did.....

    then i had to reboot the part that ticks me off:

    Here is how it looks:


    When you saw that conversation you see it normal. The part Im ticked off is that.

    When I type something and then i msg again it shows the same msgs in one typo:

    So when i typed that msg: It comes out to:

    and that happens when someelse types like that and the other doesnt type all the words sums up in one type msg.

    please anyone can help.

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    try going to tools > options select messages then check the box next to show "contact says:" before every message
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