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Thread: Help, maybe being hacked?

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    I have 2 questions of a security nature..One brought me here, and the other was prompted by something I read on here. First thing that
    is starting to freak me out: I just got a program on my computer called CallerIP'.
    If you don't know what that is, basically shows you the IP's of whoever is connecting to me..the ones that are known IP's are in yellow.,and there
    are lots of them!! I have Microsoft and Adobe etc. connecting quite often HOW do I get them OFF my system, and block them? I'm not sure how to use CallerIP or SafePeer to do this. Please help so I can getback to what I'm actually trying to learn- web design. back end management and graphics et. Also I would like to know how to disable Windows automatic updates (after what I've read on here, yikes!). I also have had some screwy stuff happen on my computer, after a new WinXP OS and yes, the updates lol. Thanks.

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    To disable Windows updates go to administrative tools choose 'services'. then right click 'automatic updates' choose 'disabled'

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    If you watch ip's passing your sytem youll go insane, forget it.
    as long as you have a good firewall your ok
    what to watch out for is the cpu usage and bandwidth usage of applications

    to disable background applications from abusing you - first disable unecessary ones in your startup - done so......

    Spoiler: Show

    taken from

    also run hijackthislog program and check for abusive programs via

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    I wouldn't disable Windows update. The only reason would be if you're using a bootleg copy of a Windows O/S. Even then you just won't be able to receive critical updates.

    It's just plain stupid to not update your O/S regularly. And, since you appear to be on the paranoid side with regard to internet security, I don't see why you would do it in the first place.
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