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Thread: "At least I got help before I killed someone like my Dad did"...

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    Rep. Patrick Kennedy to Enter Drug Rehab -"At least I got help before I killed someone like my Dad did"..... (this quote may or may not have actually been said out loud)

    I think the blatant lie about having to go take a 3:00AM vote is almost worse than the driving impaired offense, total abuse of power and obstruction of justice if you use the "Martha Stewart" definition.

    Cops: Kennedy Was Under Influence
    Capitol Police report says congressman's eyes watery, speech slurred
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    There's always two sets of laws ,one for people of power and money one for the rest of us . I can't believe he said that tho, his grandma would be rolling over in her grave grabbing a stiff drink . The First Family of pain was a rather fitting moniker .

    Throw the book at the puke no bail do the rehab in jail .


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