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Thread: Final Fantasy 7 pc vertion. problems

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    Hello everyone first let me introduce my self here I am new to the FileShare Forums and the last thing i want to do is brake any rules in it. so I'm going to post a sticky i came across it when something like this:
    10. "Posting of direct download links to copyrighted material such as private ftp sites, serial numbers, warez sites and torrentlinks are prohibited. Posts directly or indirectly containing this information will be edited. Sig2dat quicklinks and hashes are NOT considered to be downloadable and will be allowed. Don't ask for torrents, cracks, serials or keygens to be posted, you are asking someone else to break this rule. Hacking/Cracking discussions are not allowed."

    with this in mind we can go on, I'm making this thread in order to see if I'm able to find with the rest of us that are looking for total working ISOs of Final Fantasy 7 for the PC version. it can be frustrating to play one CD and then come across a damage ISO that has an error and not being able to find a good one. so I'm asking other Final Fantasy 7 fanatics to share there knowledge to me and others in need of it.
    i was able to install Final Fantasy 7 with the installation CDand also play the first CD and the first 5 to 10 minutes of the second one until it crashed at the mountain top if anyone can help me get a fully working ISO for the second CD it will be greatly appreciated as of sharing the installation CD and CD1 of the series is need it to any one here let me know on how to proceed to share it. I'm really sure it's the ISO I have because I ran the video file on its own and it crashed as well.
    If after all of that you feel like this then I hope all of this makes sence to some one here

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    is everything.
    You could play the game with a Playstation copy (download a copy from Torrentspy for instance) if you use an emulator, that's what I did for a couple of Playstation RPGs that I wanted to play again.

    I have downloaded the PC version once but never got it to work right, so I'd go with the emulator option for playing Final Fantasy 7 in all its turn-based strategy goodness.

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    you want "Final Fantasy VII Ultima Edition" which is a PC version of FF7 with all the updates

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    Im going to give that Final Fantasy Ultima Edition A try and as for the emulator i have the epsxe160 that I'm still trying to taste with a game im not to familiar with this emulator yet so far i have the Bios for it and some plugins that seem to work just need to wait to get some games and test it out, but the reason why i wannt it on the pc is cause i dont want to play from the begining again.

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    i been usng the FF7.rar vertion and its really good exccept when i try to race chocobos to get them to update class in order to get the other color chocobos, anyone know why this happens ? is there a knowen working path for this ?


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