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Thread: Non-repetitive way to send same email w/ attachments to multiple recipients

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    Non-repetitive way to send same email w/ attachments to multiple recipients

    I have to send multiple emails (each being exactly the same) to dozens of recipients daily. Don't worry I'm not spamming people (I'm just looking to maximize my job prospects and employment choices over the net).

    Anyways, I send employment application emails (including 10 attachments detailing my particulars) on a very regular basis.

    I find it tiresome and tedious to manually attach 10 files and send off individual emails to employers on a 1 by 1 basis.

    I know it looks bad to send 1 email to all employers as it's obvious by looking at the BBC field. Anyone who knows a thing or two about web-based emails will know I've sent a lazy man's application.

    So what to do?

    Is there a plugin (with Gmail, specifically) that opens the door to a more easier, less repetitive way to send 1 email to multiple recipients without having to use your own email in the recipient box (and then all your employer's emails in the BCC (Blind Copy) box?

    It works (no doubt), but some employers may dismiss your application because it shows you as unwilling/lazy because you coudn't send them a personalized email.

    Perhaps, there is a lesser known web-based email service that has a better way?

    Or maybe a tip or trick that's applicable to Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail?

    What to do, what to do?

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    Can't you just put all the recipients in the BCC field and leave the To section blank?

    You can also send it to one company and then use the message in your sent items to forward it to the next company (making sure to remove all FW:'s and other forwarding information).
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