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Thread: New Hard-drive,another Idea!

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    WDJB80Gb 8mb, nice I thought, not too hard to fit either for a nOOb But then again, its in as the slave. And my 'no-name' 20 Gb still got the OS, an other apps, games n there a way I could move the whole lot onto the new hard drive? I have heard of progs like driveimage 2002, an Norton Ghost 2003...could I use one of those to copy my whole C: drive over to the new G drive.And thus make G: the master?

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    You could use those softwares to help copy over. Some do it this way:

    1) format the new harddrive (I'm assuming you've already set it as the slave)

    2) use XCOPY to copy everything over. The format (assuming your old drive is still C: and the new drive is D would be...

    XCOPY C:\*.* D:\ /e

    This copies every single file and directory from C: to D: (the /e flag tells xcopy to copy all subdirectories as well).

    XCOPY is your best friend for backups.

    If you want to just copy your WINDOWS directory, you can do that too.


    This copies the windows directory and all files and subdirs in it to D:\
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    I like Norton Ghost 2002. Get a copy. Then go to Symantec site & print out the directions. And read them over & over again. Make a DOS system disk for Ghost. I Ghost my HDD every 2-6 weeks. Takes 35-45 mins. Having a spare exact copy of my HDD in my dresser drawer = great peace of mind though.

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    Thanks guys. I'd never heard of Xcopy before but, that sounds the thing to use.Odysseus I've made a note of your instructions...just have to find that XCopy...
    zapjb, I got a copy of Norton Ghost 2003 but aint used it yet. Definitely will be now,"a spare exact copy of my HDD"? Could have done with having that a few times!

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    i would keep the 80gb as slave, then when windows palys up, or viruses or stuff, everything is on the 80gb, well important stuff, docs, movies, games, vids etc..
    on mine i got 4gb as main, and 20gb slave and download everything to slave,

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    make shre u use Xcopy32 in the windows/command directory the old dos version will trunkate the names to 8.3 format

    if u do it from a windows command promt this will be no problem

    and windows come with xcopy all ready u dont need to go get it


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