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Thread: Playing PC games

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    1 - Am I correct in thinking that not every PC game can be played using Games Pad.

    I have a Need for Speed PC game that I can play with Game Controller.

    But Hitman 2 cannot be played with a Games Controller. This can only be played using the keyboard.

    Why is this the case. Isn't it much easier to play games with a controller rather than the keyboard.

    2 - Do you know if GTA San for PC can be played using the controller.


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    there's a lot of difference between PC shooters and console shooters. it's possible to get programs that make an analog stick control the mouse. they're never too good really, because PC games rely on how accurate and versatile a mouse is. console games all have an element of auto-aim and ways of controlling the crosshair speed that have taken time to develop.


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