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Thread: .ws domain names?

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    What are peoples opinions on .ws domain names?

    What you rather a shorter domain name with a .ws extension or a longer one with a .com extension.

    Would you feel a website was less professional or interesting if you came across it and it had a .ws extension (again compared to a .com or others like a

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    I prefer having a shorter domain than a longer one.

    I've a dot net domain, but if the name a I wanted wasn't available, I would go for a West Samoa one (.ws ) or any other one TLD.

    I think that nowadays a .ws and a .com are equally professional.

    BTW: If you are looking for a registrar I sugest, I've been working with then for years and they are great.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    .com is definitely more professional - there are quite a few shady sites with .ws domains (thinking of crackz/warez) and it does give the impression that something is there that shouldn't be.

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    my thoughts are just what chewie uk said. When i see .ws, i immediately think of wares/crack sites and i'm wary.

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    .Com and .Net are my favourite TLDs. .Ws is decent aswell IMO but people think the same as Chewie and Scrambler so thats why I don't really like getting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeK612
    What are peoples opinions on .ws domain names?


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