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Thread: A .bin File

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    if there's a faq for this then point me to one, jus wondering.
    i have a few games i want to have copies of.
    is this called ripping?

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    You can convert the games to an ISO. Visit and download their product. That has an option to convert things into an ISO. It supports bin to ISO conversion also.

    EDIT: I don't think I actually answered the question, let me try again. If you have a bin file it almost always come with it's cue sheet. The text in the cue sheet should point to the bin's file name. In nero you can just go to File -> Burn Image and search for the cue. You can edit to cuesheet by opening it with notepad and making sure it has a the right filename. I don't often use bins and cues though so if I'm wrong or forgot something someone please correct me.

    EDIT AGAIN: What Sarkie said. I prefer making ISOs over bins.

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    haha totally unanswered.

    get Alcohol 120%, Nero, CloneCd or BlindWrite and when they save to file type select .BIN ther u go

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    Forget about .bins - just use WinISO. It creates a disc image, which is an exact copy of a disc, and saves it in .iso format which is smaller and easier to burn than bins.

    (I think that's what Schuler was trying to say)


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