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Thread: Edonkey slowing down Explorer

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    Hi all I am having a problem with Edoneky slowing down Internet Explorer even thought i am getting a low per second download.
    last night i had a download of 23 per second up and 32kbs down (which i have a cable connection that can do a max of 600k per second)

    My question is this: can i change the way my bandwith is divied out. can i make explorer be primary so its not slowed down unless in some strange unheard of occurance that edonkey is running at 600k per second (hehe like that happens) then have edonkey be on the back end of my bandwith.

    any suggestions?
    Thank you

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    DOH! .... nevamind
    (My response had to do with eMule)
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    u gotta somehow limit ur emule uploads.if it takes too much upload bandwidth,then surfin or downloadin can really become slow.try doin that in settings or useíng somethin like netlimiter


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