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Thread: uTorrent now adds banner ads.

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    I just noticed that when I do a search I get a add frame above the search results which is very annoying and definitely slower to load.

    These adds come up with any search.

    The build is 1.5 b. 437.

    Does anybody else have this as well. Is there any way to stop this or do I just use an older version without this problem.


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    Searching online, I found that this is a part of utorrent and been that way for a wile. So if that is the case, how come this is the first time I am seeing this.

    I have used utorrent on several system and never seen any ads or

    Supposedly a later version should remove the redirects, but I would like to know why I am seeing them all of a sudden.


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    glad I use Azureus


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