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Thread: Need help playing GTA SA

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    Recently, I have started playing PC vide games.

    I come across these terms: 'Cheats' and 'Mods'

    What do they mean? How do I use them?

    Currently, I am playing GTA San Andreas. Apart from the video game, what else do I need to play the game successfully. For instance, I was reading a GTA Walkthrough and it said: 'Start this mission by entering the red marker at the Johnson house'.

    But I dont have a clue where this Johnsons house is and why I should put a marker on the house.


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    The johnson's house is marked on your map as a diskette.

    And you need to stop making so many threads about your questions, ask all questions in one thread.
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    Cheats: Special codes that allow you bypass the normal limitations of a game. Typical cheats allow you to gain extra lives, become invincible, access different stages, give players big heads, etc

    Modification: typically a third party "addon" to the game that changes the way the game is played. Some can simply change ammo, or top speed, or whatever..some add vehicals, maps or completely change the game looks and plays.


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