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Thread: Xp Services won't start.

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    I didnt know before, But I know now, never disable the "Remote Procedure call (RPC)" and a few others . I was following a few tut's from the inter-web on tweaking xp, Disabling useless services. Atleast that's what it was suppose to be, instead it was the opposite. I had found some solutions to this problem. Enabling the services (getting them to start) using the recovery console, or xp repair. The only thing with these solutions is that I need an original xp disc, which I don't have . Just a recovery xp disc. I tried to find some on usenet, etc. But there were known just service packs. If anyone here has had this issue before that wouldnt mind giving me some pointers?, please do.

    All Services that are set to Automatically or Manually start now, but won't start.

    -Automatic Updates
    -Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    -COM+ Event System
    -COM+ System Application
    -Computer Browser
    -Cryptographic Services
    -Error Reporting Servie
    -Fast User Switching Compatibility
    -IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    -Indexing Service
    -IPSEC Services
    -Local Disk Manager Administrative Service
    -Machine Debug Manager
    -Net Logon
    -Network Connections
    -Protected Storage
    -Qos RSVP
    -Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    -Remote Access Connection Manager
    -Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    -Remote Proedure Call(RPC)

    ...etc, etc.

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    While I hate those recovery disks from Dell and the like , you should still be able to get it back to store bought state with it . Do you have a separate partition installed ? Sometimes you can hit f11 or what ever at boot to enter Recovery then insert disk or boot from cd .

    Of course all your sp2 packs and programs would have to be reinstalled . I'm just guessing so use at your own risk .

    Oh shit back up all your programs, music , pic's etc. Good luck .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zequabie
    I was following a few tut's from the inter-web

    Did you try to get RPC going first?
    Most, if not all, of your services are going to depend on it.
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    The following services must be set to automatic:

    Event Log
    Security Accounts Manager

    No other services will be allowed to start if any of the above is not started.
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    on this site you will find good old blackvipers services tweak -
    adjust everything to "safe"
    works great for me


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