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Thread: Req Swedish Translator for Swebits

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    Swebits was briefly open for registration today.

    The only problem is that when you signup they ask you questions in a language that I tried to translate with online translators and I could not.

    Maybe someone can help translate this text:


    P.S. I tried the swedish-to-english online translator it did not recognize any words.

    Maybe someone knows what language this is? and where there is a good online translator for it?

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    Fråga = Question.

    Question 1#
    Why do you get automaticly banned?
    1. Cause you had an arugument with a mod.
    2. Cause you havent downloaded anything.
    3. Cause you have a bad ratio.
    4. Cause you are not seeding.

    Question 2#
    What is the first thing you should do after registration?
    1. Get a nice looking avatar.
    2. Download a movie and then seed the hell out of it.
    3. Make a request to be an uploader.
    4. Read the rules and also the FAQ, if you feel unsure about something.

    Question 4#
    What does ratio mean, and what it is?
    1. Upload divided by download.
    2. How much I have uploaded.
    3. Download divided by upload.
    4. How fast I get to download.

    Hope that helps.

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    Babylon 6 Pro can translate sentences.

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    Thanks guys.

    One last question:

    What language was it because online translators did not recognize it as being swedish.



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