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    ok, Im bored as hell so I'd thought I'd create an imaginary world where I'm a newbie again and dont know any of you. I don't know what it's like to spend hours a day on this forum and my adventure to become the no.1 mod is coming ever closer:

    hi all, hope ill be welcomed to this bored and will hope to become a great helper and also get my probs solved. how many girls are there on this foum, it seems its only geezers with larger and nothing to do. I live in england, london to be specific and am at school, Im at the posistion where everyone expects me to do good in life, schools to much pressure and I just wan't to skip the next ten years and see how my life turns out. I know I'll look back at my life when I'm eighty and think everything I've ever lived for, everyone ive become friends with and everything Ive achieved is a waste as life will always come to an end.

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    Get lost, noob !!


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