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Thread: Recording Audio from Computer

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    I'm trying to make a music file out of a song clip for a tv show. I have the show, an .avi, on my computer, and am wondering if there's any program that will extract a portion of that audio, or record sound internally.

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    I have a similar question, how do i record streaming audio in good quality.
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    924 may be helpful depending on what kind of audio stream you're ripping
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    I tried those programs, and others, but after I record, I just have silence for the files. Does this have to do with my sound card maybe?

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    in cool edit pro, simply click "extract audio from movie"
    or in virtualdub - save wav

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    There is some software called virtual audio cable that will let you make a digital copy of the sound the computer is making.
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    thx 4 helpful info


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