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Thread: p2p traffic filtered

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    I have speed problems with file transfers. I've found out my isp filters the p2p traffic, monitoring those ports used by most of the filesharing applications. My question is, is it possible to set the traffic on different ports and then enable them on my router so that they couldn't be caught by their policy? That should increase the speed in my opinion, but I know very little about it

    I use to transfer files through AIM file transfer, apparently the best to share with other people, and it resumes the transfer ... if you have any suggestion though, I will appreciate it ... other p2p applications are Bitcomet, Kazaa, and sending and receiving files via MSN Messenger but that's a pain

    Thank you very much and forgive my english

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    If you're using BT then look in the options menu on how to change the port and then forward them to your router, is a great resource for information on port forwarding. Also you should turn encryption on in your BT client to avoid p2p /filteringshaping from your ISP.

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    Bit torrent, Kazaa, emule, ares all support traffic on different ports. Just check out their config options.
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    Depending on the size of the typical file you want to share there are several programs you can use for direct sharing. However i suggest for general downloads you invest in a Usenet account, you will get maximum speed and the cost is minimal.

    If you have any questions about ways to share directly with friends let me know and i will point you in the right direction.

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    ty to everyone for your replies ... I forwarded the port to my router for bitcomet, used a port like 50050, though I don't see any "remote" task in the peers list while downloading, all are "local" and speed is never higher than 10-15 kb ... (I'm on a 2mb dsl and router is a d-link DSL-G604T)
    As for the p2p appilcation I use to transfer files, I use AIM (AOL messenger) because it lets me resume the transfers, and hits a speed of about 50 kb when I'm very lucky, that's quite high considering the average speed I get on bitcomet or MSN messenger ... I use it mainly to receive movies (.AVI) from a friend, and each file he sends is about 700 mb
    I've found a message in a forum where they suggest to forward the port 443 for AIM instead than 5190 that is the standard used by default ... should it be good?

    If you have any further suggestion, I would appreciate it

    Thank you all !!

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