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Thread: [REL] Ebook: Simone M. Navarra - The Cube

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    The Cube was constructed with six sides of different colours: the blue side was opposite the green and the yellow was opposite the red, while the white side was opposite to the black. On each face of the Cube, except for the white one, there was a man dressed in overalls of the same colour as the side of the Cube on which he lived.

    I'm happy to release my first english ebook. The Cube is a science fiction short story I wrote several years ago, and I recently re-edited it as an easily sharable pdf file. A very nice writer I met on the internet (Denis Bonner) offered himself to write a translation, and I believe he did a very good job.

    I hope you'll like it and will help me share it all across the net!


    License : CCPL Attribuzione-NonCommerciale-NoOpereDerivate 2.0 Italia (this means don't sell it, don't edit it, just share it

    Commercial: It's possible to buy a slightly edited version with a paypal link from the same homepage.

    ebook-simonem.navarra-thecube.pdf (267.27KB)
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    ok ..thanks s-m-n


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