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Thread: torrent files wont download

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    .torrent files wont save. It downloads but cant find the torrent file. I am guessing it has something to do with Magnet Link. I have limewire too. It always asks to make it Defualt magnet link handler. I clicked yes. After that torrents dont save. I ununstalled lmewire. cant fix it.
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    Try right clicking on a torrent and choosing Open With and then choose your torrent app and set it to always open with it on the check if that works. You can also go to Tools then Folder Options and File Types and delete the current association for torrent and change it...

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    looks like there s something wrong with windows itself. Cant get anything to or "save target as". wonder what happend
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    Have you tried Open With or are you saying you cant evn save it...


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