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Thread: HELP - found keylogger on pc

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    Can someone help me please. I usually do adaware and spybot checks. They are the only anti spyware type tools i have installed. I also use outpost firewall which has a built in spyware checker. Well for the 1st time, i decided to run it [after i ran spybot and adaware]...and it found a keylogger called "win key genie 3.1". So i told outpost to remove it. Its currently sitting in outpost's quarantine and i havent deleted it yet.

    I'm miffed that spybot didnt catch it as i always thought it was enough for me. Obviously not. Oupost told me that the keylogger was hit 5 times. I dont know what this means. Maybe it means that the person logged me 5 times or something, i dont now.

    I know i should delete the keylogger from quarantine. And i'm now looking for a good antispyware tool. Does anyone have any to recommend to me??

    Also, do keyloggers have the ability to know whats in my firefox's saved passwords?? I use firefox's remember password tool you see, and i'm worried about the passwords being leaked .

    help appreciated

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    You don't need to remove it from quarantine. It can't do any harm there.

    I recommend that you change all your passwords.

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    thanks for reply. i've deleted it from quarantine just in case. Stupid thing. I'm in the process of changing all my passwords too.

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    Keyloggers can record everything you do on your computer. Internet banking ect... My advice make sure it's realy gone they can ben tricky buggers. for more info visit just read the rules ie: they hate file sharing so don't bring it up and make a post. someone will walk you through it they're realy helpful. good luck

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    here ia a Keylogger Detector
    it only tells you if you have one (and cannot garantuue it if you don't) nor does it tell you how to remove it...

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    Used that keylogger detector and it found a suspicious firefox cookie and a firefox history file. Also C:\DOCUME~1\(my_name)~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\~DF3FFB.tmp
    Could those be false positives?

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    After my above post, i told outpost to delete the keylogger from quarantine and i went to change my passwords. Stupidly, i thought that my job was done in regards to thinking i was safe. But coming back to this thread, i realise that i shouldnt have just assumed outpost did its job.

    Thanks for that keylogger detector, i tried it and it didnt give me anything fishy [except told me that azureus and peerguardian was fishy lol]. So from that, it appears that i'm safe

    But i'm still on a mission to twork my security up a bit as i always thought i was safe. I have no idea how a stupid keylogger got in and it scared me. Thanks for the link Sear, i've bookmarked it for future reference. I need to polish up my knowledge.

    thanks again guys. Appreciated


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