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    I was just wanted 2 know if there is any Brian Eno fans out there, I have never spoke or met any 1 who has liked his music plz tell me iam not alone...

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    Is it him who released that Music for Airports or whatever it's called? If so, then I like that album and you are not alone!

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    he does ambient music right? its not really my scene but a mate of mine is a HUGE fan! his favourite artis i think

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    I just started listening to Brian Eno lately. I kept seeing his albums in many of my source user's folders,and decided to give him a listen, and that was all it took. I have to say, 'Yes, I like him'. I now have quite a few of his albums.

    I always enjoy discovering new (new to me, that is) artists, and Brian Eno is one of the newest artists to make it onto my listening list.

    Another discovery for me in the recent weeks is 'Nico'. She has a couple of tracks on "The Royal Tannenbaums ost", which I loved, so I've got a few of her albums now as well. I'd recommend "Nico - 1967 - Chelsea Girl", it's a nice album.


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    Make sure you check out the album, 'Before and After Science' - it's one of his most amazing with a great group of musicians.

    I've been a fan since his early Roxy days. And the Fripp & Eno sessions.

    His catalog is quite big & a lot of fun to explore.

    Have fun!

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    Yeh man, great stuff!!!Have a listen to Talking Heads"Remain In Light" album.
    Big Brian Eno influence on there. Interesting.


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    Another must listen is the album 'Another Green World' where we hear his first use of "Skysaw Guitar" in an ensemble setting. Again, a great group of assembled musicians, much like the 'Before & After Science' line-up.

    And don't forget the album 'Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy'. Another Eno gem.


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