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Thread: bad trader

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    hi all. I have had my first bad trade...I received a pm stating that a person had an account I wanted, and that they'd be willing to trade it for the following:

    ScT (sent first, rest sent once I received his account)
    bit hdtv

    I was offering alot, so I requested proof. He said he was in a rush and couldn't provide a screencap.

    I sent him the ScT, he changed the pass and email. I told him to send the account, but he did not reply. I then refused to chage the email addy and changed the pass back. He said I was trying to rip HIM off- I then gave him another chance, changed the email. He has since changed the pass and refuses to reply to my emails or pm's and hasn't sent me the account he promised.

    I am really upset about this- I should have known after someone sent me a pm stating that he wasn't to be trusted..:-(

    I will post his name on this board later today. I thought I'd give him a bit longer to cough up. I will still uphold my end of the deal for the remaining accounts once he does his part.

    Thaks for reading, ppl. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    dont worry ill save u time its me...ive sent it...and dont turn this round on me ur the one who tried to rip me off. U have 30 mins to log on to uk-t or im changin the password.

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    i have NOT ripped you off. You received the ScT...I am still trying to get into ukt, even after you supposedley sent me the 'details'.
    I am sure alot of ppl on here can vouch for me- I have done numerous trades, and never ripped anyone off.

    EDIT: Still waiting....

    and waiting.
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    seems this guy has ripped people off before. I have received a few pm's from people who have lost to this guy.

    Please avoid him at all costs. He has multiple ScT accounts, so he says, and is promising them to people before he even has them. Then he doesn't give them to thos he promised.

    Thanks to all who pm'ed me about this guy. I'm sorry you lost out too. If anyone has an ScT they'd like to trade for an invite to a v.private site, pls pm me. I'm really angry I lost my account. Serves me right...

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    All I can suggest is that trade with guys/gals u have seen around these forums for a reasonably long time & those who regularily give & take invites.A count of posts made,though not a reliable measure of integrity ,does amount to a bit too.
    I too had negotiated with the person in question but he insisted on me taking the first step,which I am glad,I refused.
    Thanks for warning all of us.

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    In the end did everything work out for the both of you?

    P.S. I like good endings

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    Piyush- no probs. This kind of thing shouldn't happen.

    Johnny- he has not replied and hasn't kept up his end of the bargain. I will wait a bit longer before I contact the ScT ppl, in case he comes through. But I am not holding my breath.

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    I sent 2kool4skool invites to three trackers in exchange for a ScT invite.. still waiting for it
    he said that he would send it as soon he recieved the TL invite, but he was already registered when he sent that PM
    Soon I'll request to the trackers in question to remove his account
    some moderator should make a sticky with a list of all bad traders

    edit: 2kool: the least you can do is seed, you ratio on TL sucks
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    2kool4skool: I sent you invites to wild-bytes in exchange for a ScT invite.. & i'm still waiting for it .....

    you have your account at wild-bytes activated on 13/05/06....
    Last edited by taz1968; 05-15-2006 at 02:55 PM.

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    Thanks for the warning, let us know how it turns out

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