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Thread: CD-R data discs not so great for media storage. What else is there?

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    CD-R data discs not so great for media storage. What else is there?

    I regularly burn MP3 files onto CD-R discs (as data). I also regularly burn JPEGS onto CD-R discs (as data). I sometimes combine both picture and music files onto one data disc and access it often.

    I notice every now and then i have problems accessing files from these CD-R discs.

    Sometimes, when listening to tracks off the disc, viewing a slideshow of pictures (from the same disc), becomes hard to do (as the images freeze up). NOt always though. ANd no, i don't suspect this to be a spyware-related problem

    I think burning MP3z and JPEGz onto CD-R's is not always wise right? As CD-R's can become corrupted and are not reliable (especially generic ones)?.

    The question is then, how should I be storing my precious songs and travel pictures. I wish to keep both of these media filetypes for many years to come.

    Do I have to burn CD-R after CD-R and watch my files slowly slip away to corruption or is there a better way?

    I've considered online storage (but I burn 700MB of media files) at a time. What resource will allow me to store that much content forever?

    What have been your experiences?

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    1.Buy better quality cdr's is to use an external hardrive? (i use this)
    or try ipod etc or usb stick, even a a phone? could upload your files to gmail (10mb per hit) "gmail drive"
    uploading to realiable sites can be expensive..

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    Read this

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    The pictures , I would do it the old fashion way ! Take the cd in to a shop and have them printed or maybe get a dedicated photo printer .

    You want to keep your treasured photos safe .

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    floppies sometimes magnetic tape
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    Use hi quality cd disks and store the disks in a protective case and they should be ok.


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