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Thread: Spam list full, what to do now if email address is published on web?

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    Spam list full, what to do now if email address is published on web?

    By Accident, I have my email addresses published all over the net (nowhere to obvious), but I do get a lot of annoying Junk Mail because of it.

    My questions is how can I block incoming spam if my spam list is full (Yahoo mail).

    For hotmail, I notice moving certain email addresses to the block list does nothing as it just causes those companies to send the same annoying emails from slightly different addresses.

    If nothing else, what can I do to remove my published emails from the net. I tried contacting the webmasters but sometimes, no response.

    The problem is especially bad in Yahoo mail, because my SPAM LIST IS FULL. What do I when that happens?

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    Your best option is to change email addresses, and apply better control over your new one.

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    How about getting a good spam filter? I don't know if yahoo or hotmail offer this option but you can always change to a new email address and try to get a good spam filter to protect you, normally free web-based email accounts aren't go for it.


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