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Thread: Help With Lord Of The Rings (pc) Game

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    Hi me newbie here .

    Downloaded Lord of the Rings.exe from Kazza-Lite.

    Was asked to rename it to a BIN file.

    Did that with a renaming prog and used a make cue program to create a cue file.

    Used Nero v5.5 to burn image file onto cd-rw.

    When tried to run the game, it reports a "App Cab" error and says either there is a prob with the network, cd-rom drive or program.

    What should i do? I spent 3 days getting the game?

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    u got it off kazaa lite, thats expected

    i got mine off overnet works fine no errors

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    Can u pls tell me how to get to overnet PLEASE? is it a P2P prog.



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