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Thread: need new DVD Cloning software.

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    Since I started copying DVDs (original movie to DVD-R),
    I've relied on the AnyDVD/CloneDVD combination; but lately, watching my cloned movies,
    its come to my atention that some of them, mostly the full screen ones, sometimes
    look almost like a downloaded divx, heck, some divx movies I have look even better.

    So I remember hearing somewhere that even CloneDVD is a good software, there are others
    that do a better job, is that entirely true?
    do you know of a program that can give me better DVD cloning?

    I will google for it,
    but any first hand thoughts would come in handy.

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    dvdshrink is good with a deep analysis then burn with img burn

    Also if your looking for some good reading about dvd backup
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    DVD Shrink.

    It also helps image quality if you use the Re-author function and copy only the main movie leaving out the menus and extras. It also helps to remove audio tracks of languages that you don't need (Compression settings tab).

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    CloneDVD and DVDShrink used to use the same code/routines to recode the video and a comparison I read a couple of years ago slated the quality of both.

    The comparison review recommended Intervideo DVDCopy (who also make WinDVD) for its video quality.

    That's not to say I don't think DVDShrink does a good job - they look perfectly OK on my Sony player & 28"WS from 6 feet away, though it ain't HD.

    One should note that Intervideo DVDCopy doesn't (or didn't last time I looked) handle copyrighted discs so you'd need to either run AnyDVD in the background or copy your disc to HDD with DVD Decrypter and process those files.
    Both methods work fine, apparently.
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    A friend told me about bout "DVD Fab Platinum"n im yet yo try it out.

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    Most commercial DVDs are DVD-9 (double layer). If you can burn onto blank DVD-9s, just use anyDVD to bypass the protection and do a 1:1 copy with Nero or something.

    If you only have DVD-4s (single layer), then you will have to compress it. I find CloneDVD and DVDShrink to do the job really good. Just use anyDVD to bypass the protections and use ONE of the programs to shrink the size. The shrinking works by taking out unneeded stuff like subtitles, foreign languages, trailers, etc.. and by compressing the vid. So you will use quality, but it shouldnt be too much (if you take out unneeded stuff). After that, burn with something like Nero.

    CloneDVD and DVDShrink are really nice. I have heard good reviews from DVD Fab Platinum but I never tried it so I couldnt tell you.
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