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Thread: Wireless connection problems

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    My wireless internet was working properly. But then:

    1 - uninstalled Norton
    2 - Installed Mcafe VirusScan

    And now I cannot use wireless internet.

    My Laptop finds the connection and connects to the wireless network.
    But I cannot communicate with this network. When I open IE, I get the error message: 'The page cannot be found'

    I have disabled Windows Firewall.

    If I do: ipconfig, the IP address is returned.

    So any idea what could be wrong?


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    log into your router and see if the router has acquired an ip address from your isp. There should be a status page of some sort in the router pages and it should have some info there on whether the router has managed to connect to the ISP.

    If the router is connected to the ISP then you could try pinging the BBC:
    open command prompt and type
    If that works but you still can't access a webpage you probably have a DNS issue or somewhere your internet connection settings are fooked.


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