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Thread: DVD Files (.vob/.bup/.ifo)

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    I have all the files needed to burn a DVD movie(Chronicles of Narnia) to a DVD but it contains multiple disks because all the files are to large for 1 disk. I have a bunch of .vob, .bup, and. ifo files but don't know where to split them for each disk. I already have NERO and know how to burn it but am having trouble what's DVD1, DVD2, etc. I have taken a picture of the files.

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    Have a look at this post maybe it will help you figure out what you want to do .You haven't really mentioned the size of the discs involved ie 2 single layer 4.5g(dvd5) or 2 double layer 9g(dvd9)...
    If you have to burn double layer I suggest verbatim dvd+dl disc and "imgburn" as the final burning software..

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    if it's a 2 disk movie, can't I just burn it on 2 disks? I am assuming these files were ripped from the retail 2 disk collectors edition.


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