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Thread: Filelist Account to Give Away

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    I am giving away my filelist account. Humor me (literally make me laugh) and let me know why I should give it to you. Other than that there are no requirements. I don't want anything in return. If I don't respond relatively soon, chances are it was given to someone else. I will send the account after I receive 5 pm's.

    R: 2.244 U: 33.11 GB ( 0 ) D: 14.75 GB ( 0 ) (Power User)

    Edit: Done. Account given to dabomb506.
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    can you share the winning PM? or all the PMs? maybe it will be funny for us, too.

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    he went by the first person to pm him for 30 minutes. guess i was the only one in that time. so yea its mine =D


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