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    i just reformated my computer, and when i save a picture (gifs) i cant view them unless i open internet explorer and hit file then open then look for it why cant i just hit open on the file ?????? it makes me mad

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    M8 u could tri ,right click on the gif,and where it says opens with
    choose which prog u wish to open the file(ur pic viewer)

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    it dont have that option or i would have done it

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    Sorry m8 right click then scroll down to properties then u should
    find that option

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    m8 u could tri going to control panel>folder option>file types
    then find gif and c what u can do from there.
    other than that ...?
    hope u sort it tho

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    woohoo i just found the problem it was supposed to be opening with some program that i didnt have on comp no more, well i thought i didnt but i did it left all the files to reinstall it so i had to reinstall it then decheck what it opens :S so i got it to work ty cosmo

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    I also suggest you use Irfan View for opening any image file. It is a small, free program and it loads in a fraction of the time IE takes to load.

    Anyway, why use IE, GO MOZILLA!

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    An easier way to reassociate a file is to hold the Shift key while you right-click. This forces the 'Open With...' option to appear on the menu. Of course that wouldn't have helped you, since you didn't have the necessary program installed.


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