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Thread: Be honest with yourself

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    I registered with a new nick-name for not influencing your choice, and to be free in your decision

    After three years in Iraq.
    After thousands of dead and injured soldiers; and still counting.
    After billions of dollars spent, not on rebuilding Iraq, but on the war itself; and still counting.

    One would pause for a minute and ask oneself with complete honesty;
    Shall we get out of Iraq?

    Consider this as a poll and vote with sincerity;
    Shall we get out of Iraq?

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    the suburbs. honestment
    don't leave iraq yet. don't instigate unrest in iraq

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    Finish what "you" started. I did not support the invasion of Iraq, but now that they're there they should stay. If they were to leave Iraq would see a civil war that is on a very very bloody scale with too many human beings killed.

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    By building a Vatican City style Embassy with 3,000 staff I would suggest the US has no intention of departing - unless the Iraqis get quite insistent, which of course may happen as things are turning out.

    Ironically, the Embassy is one of the few works projects that is remotely on schedule. It is reputed to have the largest swimming pool in Iraq and its own cinema. This may, of course, be nonsense but Iraqis are calling it Bush's palace. This does not bode well.

    So in answer to the question, I don't think the intention is to pull out of Iraq - I just don't think all the Iraqis know this yet. The money and lives invested in Iraq means that Bush and the architects of this policy need to see more than a cuddly pro-West Government in Iraq, they need to be able to exercise geopolitical influence as a result of the remaining military bases and the Embassy (Command and Control Centre?). If the Iraqis cut up rough and eject these from their country then the whole show will have been for little benefit and at considerable cost.
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