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Thread: Which Servers To Go For Games In Emule

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    Hi all,

    I have read all the past threads and pple has ADVISED not to use Kazza-lite to get games.

    Well I have heeded their advice and got an Emule. Now the question is which server to get on since almost every server has a QR>700! Man I can wait until infinity!

    So Please tell me which server can I get Lord of the Rings and Medieval Total War?

    Thanx and really appreciate it.

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    i dunno maybe silent bob (since its the biggest and has the most files)

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    It doesn't matter to which server you go. You will always be put in a queue. Just make sure that you have plenty of sources.

    Also setting your upload to a value higher as 10 KB/s helps a lot.

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    Silent Bob's a good server. isn't bad, either.

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    Try updating the server.met from a URL, like this one...

    Either paste it into the field where it says "Update", or use Notepad to put it in the adresses.dat file in your eMule directory. Then try to connect to the server with the lowest ping (click on the Ping column to sort them). When you Search for a game, make sure you change the Method to 'Global (Server)'. That will search in all available servers, instead of just the one you're currently connected to.

    EDIT: To add more info...

    Also, go to Preferences - Connection and make sure your Upload and Download Capacities are set correctly. If they're too low your DL speeds will suck (obviously), but too high is not good either. You have to find the right balance for your connection.

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    i use overnet much faster, i think

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    I don't think there is a specific server that's good for games, what I usually do to get good speeds (10-20kbps ) is to order the server list into "Users", so the server with the most users is on top, then, go looking at the pings, and connect to the lowest one (usually YADS II,, so you'll have the server with the lowest ping and most users, wich, combined with an adequate upload speed, can yield e-mules'best speeds


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