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Thread: Pc's Bundled With Windows

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    Is it possible to buy a PC that is not ladden with Microsoft operating systems, software etc. What would happen if I bought a new computer and wanted Linux, would I get a refund for the copy of Windows I didn't want (I think the answers no...). I really *&$#s me of that Microsoft can have that much control over the market when other OS' are better hands down.

    OK, I've calmed down, sorry if this is quite a regular post but I would like to know other peoples opinion.

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    I think you would get your money back on the os if you dont use it.

    I remember on a linux site somewhere that somebody took dell i think it was to court to tyry to get a refund on the operating system since he was not planning on using it

    I think he won and got his refund so you may be lucky as well.

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    Most PC makers install Windows because they are licensed to do so. In most cases those licenses don't allow the mfg to sell their PCs without the Windows O/S. Sounds stupid doesn't it?
    Here in the U.S. Micro$oft actually sued Dell Computers because they used to offer their PCs without an O/S as an option. This is due to the license agreement(fucking legal documents). It was written in the fine print apparently that Dell couldn't do this.

    Anyways, Wal-mart(a big retailer here in the U.S.) sells a piece of crap computer with the Lindows O/S. The reviews haven't been favorable though. The hardware is crap from what I've read.

    If you don't know how to build one your best bet is to buy a PC from a local company that builds them. They usually won't have such a legal tie to Micro$oft and will sell you a PC sans the O/S. Here in my hometown you can do this and get a very decent PC for less then $500 U.S. Hell, the components used are no different than those of the large mfg.


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