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Thread: Torrent Leech

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    I need a torrent leech invite really bad . I'll give you a demonoid invite for one since its the only invite I have.

    Proof that i dont leech

  2. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #2
    PM me with your email (not hotmail).
    You dont have to give me any invite.

  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
    if you have another to spare it'd be appreciated...

  4. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #4
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    Apr 2006
    hi guys i will appreciate if anyone can give me an invite to TL ,
    i have good ratio at

    thanks ahead..

  5. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #5
    Sorry dudes.
    I dont send any invite without screen proof of good share.

    So I only have sended invites to 2 gays that have done appropriately
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