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Thread: Emule slowing down Explorer

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    I recently made this same post with edonkey, since I have discovered Emule (and since deleted edonkey :-)
    Now its roughly the same problem with downloading and Internet explorer running so slow that I often need to kill it to browse the web, or to keep my wife happy as its so slow she gets on...
    is there a way to route the bandwith to explorer first but still keep a good download rate with emule?

    Thank you

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    Not sure if you can give priority to IE but I know you can limit emule's download speeds. Just set them a little lower than what you have until you find a happy medium. That, or just run emule at night when ur not using the computer.
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    If your modem support you should use cfosspeed.
    Cfosspeed is a must tool for p2p users.

    For more info look at following link.


    If your modem doesnt support cfosspeed can do following;

    Make ctrl+alt+del from your keyboard.
    Right click emule.exe add priority very low.
    Right click your browser (firefox.exe) add priority high.

    Your speed will remain same but u can open pages more faster.


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