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Thread: Win Xp Help.

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    i put this in the lounge first but it was the wrong place, sooooo
    I've got a problem. my friend's computer has a virus and i have to reformat, and he still wants win xp and i don't know much about it. I can't get into it because of this stupid virus.

    my first question is i have a win 98 start up disk, will it work for win xp?

    my second question is i have reformated my computer a few times and know how win 98 works, is there any info you can give me on how xp installation works?

    any info would help.

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    M8 98 startup disks should b fine if not u could d/l some from the
    microsoft site.
    installin xp is just the same as installin any other o/s..pop in the disk
    click a few bottons along the way and wait for the desktop to appear.
    Also m8 u could tri disablin' virus warning in ur bios if u can't boot up windows becos of a virus

    Press delete as coon as ur comp starts to boot up and goto something
    similar to advanced bios settings


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