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Thread: Win Xp Help.

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    i put this in the lounge first but it was the wrong place, sooooo
    I've got a problem. my friend's computer has a virus and i have to reformat, and he still wants win xp and i don't know much about it. I can't get into it because of this stupid virus.

    my first question is i have a win 98 start up disk, will it work for win xp?

    my second question is i have reformated my computer a few times and know how win 98 works, is there any info you can give me on how xp installation works?

    any info would help.

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    u had some fun posting did we?????????

    u truppl posted lol

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    as long as you haven't deleted the partition that xp is on all you have to do is press F10 during startup and that'll take you to the System Recovery screen (not system restore). From there try doing a non-destructrive system recovery. If that still doesn't fix the virus prob then you can go and do a Destructive system revovery.


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