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    Well, bastards got me (almost)...

    1. Make sure you select to “show all hidden files”.
    2. Look for “xms.32.exe”, usually in - c:/windows/system
    3. Check your “shared folder” and see if you are sharing a folder in windows called “sCache32”
    This folder is part of the worm containing about 100 files to spread the worm over KaZaa and iMesh.
    Of the files that are created by this worm, when I search for them, I am seeing THOUSANDS of users sharing these files. The one I downloaded had 774 Sources!!
    4. There may also have been changes made to your registry.
    5. This also relates to “IRC-Sdbot” which in laymen terms can create DOS, or allow a hacker from an IRC channel to enter your computer, execute programs and so forth, the hacker receives a message once your computer is infected.
    6. To remove all items and for further details go to HERE and READ.
    7. If you wish to search for these items on you p2p, you may try to alert those that are infected via a message, though THE NUMBERS INFECTED ARE HUGE AND STAGGERING already. The following is a list of names that are being presented in shared folders, of which those infected, do not even know they are sharing these files!!

    2 Find MP3 8.2.0.exe AC3-MP3 converter.exe ACDSee 5.5b.exe ACDSee Classic 2.79.exe Ad-aware 6.5 (new)Download Accelerator Plus 6.3.exe Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.6.exe Adobe PhotoShop 7.1 crack.exe All Editor 3.0b.exe AOL Instant Messenger 6.1.exe Auction Sentry (new).exe AudioLabel CD Labeler 3.0 (+crack).exe Battlefied1942 Pack4 (crack+bloodpatch).exe BearShare 5.1.1.exe C&C Generals Pack2 (new patch).exe Complete UK Music Database 4.2.exe DirectDVD 4.9.exe DivX Bundle 6.2.exe DivX edit (new).exe DivX Video Bundle 5.5.1.exe DvD Rip guide (+tools) st0rm.exe Dynamite Downloads.exe Easy CD Creator Software Update.exe FlashFXP (keygen).exe FreeRip 4.30.exe Genie Stream 3.2.4.exe GetRight 5.5 + crack.exe Global DiVX Player 2.0.1.exe Gothic 2 (m-patch).exe Grokster 2.0.exe Hacker Tutorial (by ph3Akz).exe Half-Life keygen (+ogc hack).exe HL keys (working).exe I.G.I. 2 (new crack).exe ICQ Lite beta (b2253).exe ICQ Pro 2003a beta (b4600).exe iMesh 4.1 beta.exe iSnipeIt 5.0c.exe James Bond 007 Nightfire crack.exe Kazaa Media Desktop 2.5.exe Kazaa Skins 1.8.exe KaZooM MP3 Kazaa Accelerator 2.5.exe Medal Of Honor (Allied Assault) crack.exe Microangelo 6.0b.exe mIRC 6.x addon patch.exe mIRC s3th war-script.exe Morpheus 2.6.exe MP3 cut pro 3.0.exe MSN Messenger 5.5.10.exe Need for Speed 6 (new cars + crack).exe NeoNapster 3.92.exe Nero Burning ROM Network Cable + ADSL Speed 2.0 (beta).exe New Nvidia (geForce) drivers (beta).exe Nimo Codec Pack 9.0 (stable).exe Nvidia Detonator XP Drivers (Windows XP/2000).exe Operation Flashpoint (bloopatch).exe Patch Creator 3.5a.exe PhotoShow 3.1.exe Pop-Up Stopper 4.0 (beta).exe Ps2 to Pc tutorial (+tool).exe QuickTime 7.2 (new).exe Raven Shield 5.32 crack.exe RealJukebox Basic 2.8.exe RealOne Free Player 2.8.exe RemoteSpy 1.5.exe Sim City 4 crack.exe Splinter Cell crack.exe TitJiggle (flash game).exe Trillian 0.8 + plugins.exe UniversalFlood (4.8b).exe Unreal2 (2.8) crack.exe UT2003 multi-crack (new).exe Warcraft3 crack.exe Window Washer 4.8.exe WinMX 3.5.1.exe WinRAR 3.8.exe WinZip 8.3b (crack).exe WinZip 9.0 SR-1.exe Wippit 2.1 (beta).exe WS_FTP LE 6.0.exe XViD bundle (codec+tutorial).exe

    NOTE: Every file involved here has an Icon that at the bottom says "Self Extarcting" written in Blue.
    When you try to open one nothing appears to happen.

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    I think there is no use of posting new virusses because evryone on THIS board has anti-virus software, it are the n00bs that have problems with virusses,
    the only thing you can do is send a message to people who are sharing that file

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    Send this link along with your message:

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    Nice Tip Paul,
    Anyway I guess I got mine cleaned out,
    on the site I came up clean.

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    Originally posted by Paul@30 April 2003 - 12:59
    Send this link along with your message:
    I found what was needed and did the scan but it found nothing.

    I also used NAV and scaned my HD

    still nothing found. I still have loads of users found and none coneccting. I still have crap dl speeds.

    Whats next to try.
    oh nice link there Paul thanx

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    Originally posted by REALITY@30 April 2003 - 06:35
    Well, bastards got me (almost)...

    1. Make sure you select to “show all hidden files”.
    and how is this done on XP? Trying every thing i can, but it looks like a compleat reinstall to slove this problem. 2 days to down load 1 episod of Enterprise and its not even rare sheesh.

    Just a thought is it possible this worm has been put there to discorage us useing P2P programs. Just a thought

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    Just to keep you up to date.

    I uninstalled Kazaa Lite and installed Kazaa lite build 3 and so far so good the Enter prise episod down loaded in 30 mins whoosh whoosh. After 2 days of waiting i finaly got it.

    I must say i do like the build 3 Thanx guys u doing a marvelous job.

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    Norton Antivirus Picked 2003 picked it up and was able to delete it after I scanned the file, try that.

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@30 April 2003 - 04:06
    I think there is no use of posting new virusses because evryone on THIS board has anti-virus software, it are the n00bs that have problems with virusses,
    the only thing you can do is send a message to people who are sharing that file
    Although this post is old, I take umbrage with it.

    Antivirus software, however good, is often playing catch-up for viruses that can spread via the Kazaa/fasttrack network to 100's of computers in as little as a day.

    My best friend got a series of reinfections by a virus that I was unable to remove manually (Brasil.exe and 5+ other exe's and various other files associated with it) and Norton AV 2003 wouldn't detect even when updated and run 3 months later. I am no newbie -- I 'detected' the virus by the sound his hard drive was making -- regular 'chirps' as it was reading and writing for no apparent reason like a constant log file was being run -- and then tracked it down as best I could from there... even rooting through the system registry pretty extensively trying to find it. It only reappeared after he got back online a couple days later, so I *MAY* have cleaned it all off only for him to be reinfected by some sort of internet attack. (I think it was via email.)

    In short, for QUITE awhile, antivirus software will offer NO protection against these viruses and may not even have an advisory about their existance. There might even be some 'foot-dragging' on the part of AV companies due to encouragement by RIAA/MPAA to study the effects such viruses have on illegal p2p networks.

    I have come to trust 'professional' software less and less, and would prefer an explaination about what a virus is and does and how to manually remove in addition to the antivirus software 'automagically' removing it.

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@30 April 2003 - 04:06
    the only thing you can do is send a message to people who are sharing that file
    good luck on that.....ive already tried to send messages to hundreds of people who are infected with the hanta worm. no luck. either they know and have it for the use of spreading it, they dont care, or are possibly just bots to spread the virus. you can send amessages all you want, but its probly a waste of time


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