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    I am trying to install Divx Pro 5.0.5 and use a keygen.
    However, the keygen says to put in the serial number for the product and then use the keygen. But I have no serial number.
    Someone on here told me to check the threadsand that I would find my answer there.
    But I don't know what a thread is so how can I get the keygen to work?
    Can anyone help this dummy?

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    I thread is what u have just made and dont worry about cracks coz it aint allowed here anyway READ THE BOARD RULES!!!!

    BTW a thread is a piece of cotton check it out

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    your serial number will probably be in one of the help menu screens. Go up to your toolbar, click help, then click something that relates to "about..." or "product info..." or something of that sort.


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