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Thread: Any one know where to find History books ?

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    Hi ,im intrested to download some histroy books ,any know where i can find them?

    basically any history book will do except the osprey series i have all of them already,

    if you know specifically about Adrian Goldworthy's book on Roman Military id be in you debt.

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    There are literally millions of history books. I think you'll have to narrow it down some, even just to a specific country/era.

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    I haven't looked, but it's worth trying Guttenburg.

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    amazon are good for books, totally ace

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    check the site in my signature,make a request and u will get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by livewirerules
    check the site in my signature,make a request and u will get it
    there isn't a site in your sig though

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    amazon are good for books

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    If it's general history that you're interested in I'd recommend 'The Story of Civilization' by Will Durant - it's a masterpiece. It's a set of 11 volumes. I've been looking for the e-books for quite some time but I've had little success so far.

    The Outline of History by HG Wells might also interest you. It's highly outdated and refreshingly opinionated but definitely worth a read.

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    what kind of books you want?i mean specific to any country or any topic.
    i think it's a best source for you.

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    i just downloaded a book called '4 japanese travel memoirs from the middle ages'

    sounds really good....


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