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    I know that i can't post in the "invites" section yet because i have not been a member for 30 days and that i can't "request" any invites in this section.....well i have a bunch of invites from a bunch of sites which i am going to keep for when i am able to post in the invites section so i can trade but......there seems to be a decent number of people asking in the invites section for a demonoid invite and i have no problem with just giving those away.....but i don't want to get banned for posting the invites although it doesnt say anywhere that i can' says i can't request.....

    i was just planning on posting all my demonoid invite codes here and whoever gets them first gets them.......but i don't want to get in trouble for doing that so i am asking a "staff member" or "moderator" it ok if i do that?

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    Don't post them here.
    The invites section is for requesting and offering invites, nowhere else.

    When it says don't post invites here it means offering them too, otherwise they are available to people who don't meet the requirements to post in the invites section, which rather defeats the object.
    I changed the sticky to make it more obvious.

    Anyway, there are plenty of invites in there, I'm sure they can wait a little longer for your contribution.
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